Annual Report 2022 - Programs, activities and results

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Every day we save & offer more than 35.000 portions of food

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"Boroume at the Farmers' Market" - Our program to save food from farmers' markets

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The food waste phenomenon in Greece

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Ten things to do to reduce food waste

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Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste in Greece

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What is Boroume

Boroume represents the collective effort of a group of people to reduce food waste and at the same time to increase donated food in Greece.



Boroume (“We Can”) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Greece. 

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Our vision is to develop a social movement to reduce food waste and at the same time increase nutritional support to people in need based on volunteer support.

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At the heart of Boroume are the many volunteers, partners and friends of our organization who generously support us every day!

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We approach the issue of food waste and the fight against food insecurity holistically through our programs.

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portions of food

Since 2012 we have saved and offered more than 80.000.000 portions of food with a value of 120.000.000 euros (1.5€ per portion)


= 65 portions of food

Thanks to the Boroume method of saving and offering food, 1€ of operational costs results in 65 portions of food for those in need


portions of food

We save and offer more than 35.000 portions of food every day



We collaborate with over 650 charitable institutions, soup kitchens and municipal social services all over Greece

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How you can help

7 Simple ways you can participate in the reduction of food waste in Greece

Boroume's goal is to coordinate the procedure for donating goods to those in need. It bears no responsibility whatsoever for the donated goods and does not guarantee their quality.