Reduce food waste

Some simple steps each of us can take to reduce food waste

  1. Shop "smart"– Plan your meals. Use shopping lists and avoid impulse buying.
  2. Choose “strange” fruits and vegetables – Choose fruit and vegetables that may not have the "right" size, color or shape, otherwise they often end up in the garbage. They are just as tasty and healthy as those which look “perfect”.
  3. Know the date marks on food labels – Find out the difference between “use by” (informs you about food safety) and “best before” (informs you about food quality) dates.
  4. Organize your fridge – Stock foodstuffs correctly in your refrigerator and eat first the ones with the nearest expiration date. Place the products in the right shelves-cases.
  5. Use your freezer – We can preserve food in the freezer and, in this way, keep it safer for longer.
  6. Ask for smaller food portions – When at a restaurant/tavern, ask if they can serve a smaller portion than usual. Whenever you serve yourself, take smaller portions of food and top up if desired.
  7. Take home any leftover food – Don't forget to ask the restaurant/tavern to put your leftovers in a package, to eat later or to preserve in the refrigerator/freezer.
  8. Make fertilizer for your plants – Use the leftovers to make compost.
  9. Spread the message about 'smart' food consumption - Spread the message “Every meal matters” to friends and relatives and inspire behavioural change.
  10. Donate any leftover food- Pre-packaged food that is in excellent condition can be donated to charities, soup kitchens and social services in our area, after consulting the map of We can also communicate with Boroume at 210 3237805 or in [email protected] if we need help to make our food donation.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, we would be very happy to hear from you!

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