Boroume at the Farmers' Market



Reducing the food waste generated at the farmers' markets by coordinating the collection and donation of their fresh produce, which otherwise would have been wasted, to local charities


  • Donate food with a high nutritional value to people facing food insecurity, and who do not have a regular access to such food
  • Support charities in their mission to help those in need
  • Reduce the environmental impact of food waste that is sent to landfills
  • Provide a hands-on experience to volunteers, producers, and shoppers at the farmers market on how easy it is to save food with Boroume‚Äôs help
  • Strengthen the social solidarity among those living in a neighborhood


  • We coordinate the volunteers who will save and offer the produce from a selected farmers market
  • We choose the appropriate local charity which will receive the produce, based on their current needs and geographic proximity
  • Experienced volunteers with Boroume insignia will collect the leftover fruits and vegetables, in an organized and coordinated way
  • The leftover fruits and vegetables are handed over in situ to the selected local charity, which in turn will distribute them to its beneficiaries

You can help!

To express your interest in the above program please call us at 2103237805 or email us at [email protected] so we can figure out how you can help us in a way that corresponds to your own wishes.