The first Certification Scheme "No Food Waste" is a fact

Wed 08 June 2022

In the ten years of operation of Boroume, we have developed a holistic approach to tackling food waste. Not only through saving & offering programs, but also through programs to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon.

In this context, we had the idea to implement, a year and a half ago, a program to certify companies that contribute to the prevention and reduction of food waste at all stages of their operation, for greater transparency.

Through the strategic partnership we developed with TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, the idea was put into practice, with the creation of the Certification Scheme"No Food Waste", one of the first certification schemes in the world. Today, a few months later, our joy is indescribable, because Eurocatering SA is the first company in Greece to receive the Certification Scheme "No Food Waste" from TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

From the long working hours, the constant phone calls and the anxiety to contribute in other ways to the reduction of food waste in our country, we keep in our mind the joyfulness, the kindness and the mood of wonderful people to do something good for the environment and people facing food insecurity. We truly thank TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS for the excellent cooperation we have had all these years, not only in the context of the Certification Scheme, but also because it remains our active ally in rescuing and offering leftover food from corporate events. 

A big thank you to Eurocatering SA, which has been our close partner for years and a faithful companion in the effort to reduce waste through innovative applications for the prevention and reduction of food waste. 

More information about the Certification Scheme can be found in the following links Program (boroume.gr) and Ιδιωτικό Σχήμα Πιστοποίησης «NO FOOD WASTE» - TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS (tuvaustriahellas.gr).