Rescue & Food Offering Partnerships: EPAPSY - Accomodation Unit in Penteli

Wed 23 November 2022

For many years we have been supporting the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Accommodation Unit in Penteli through the "Saving & Offering" program. We are particularly happy not only because we have developed a very beautiful collaboration with the Unit managers, but above all because we support people facing food insecurity. 

We sincerely thank Mrs. Eleni-Konstantina Karalis for her excellent cooperation and kind words.

A few words about the Penteli Psychosocial Rehabilitation Accomodation unit
The Mental Health Unit in Penteli has been operating under the management responsibility of the Association for Regional Development and Mental Healthcare (EPAPSY) since 2000, offering comprehensive psychosocial rehabilitation services to people with psychiatric experience. This is a unit with a high degree of protection and support, with the capacity to host 15 people. The multidisciplinary therapeutic team consists of a psychologist, social worker, nursing staff and care staff. At the same time, the Protected Apartment has been operating in the area of ​​Chalandri since 2013 and is aimed at 4 people with psychiatric experience. It is a low protection unit and the role of the multidisciplinary treatment team remains supportive. 

What reasons prompted you to work with Boroume? The unstable economic conditions of recent years combined with the awareness regarding the development of the social movement of reducing waste of resources, prompted us to look for food support solutions in organizations that share a similar vision to ours.

How did you find out about Boroume?

The social action of "Boroume" is widespread and multi-layered. Due to the organization's cooperation with social agencies, schools and other civil society organizations, as well as due to its presence on online platforms, social media, conferences, etc., communication was spontaneous and direct.

Can you describe your collaboration with Boroume in two words? The contact of EPAPSY with Boroume comprises of several years of friendly and harmonious cooperation. It is really worth pointing out that the Boroume team listens to the needs and wishes of the beneficiaries with solidarity, special care and personalized interest, providing immediate solutions on a daily basis. 

Complete the sentence: We can… ...achieve the best, every day, with all the means we have.