Participation in the International Conference "Towards halving food waste in Europe"

Tue 18 June 2024

It is with great interest that we participate in the two-day (18-19/06) International Conference "Towards halving food waste in Europe", which takes place in the Netherlands with the participation of policy makers, businesses, civil society organizations and researchers from all over Europe and pioneers from the international community.

"The only way to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 [50% reduction by 2030] is through strengthening collaborative efforts to eliminate food waste at all stages of the food value chain," as the organizers state regarding the conference's initiative.

The aim of the conference is to inform, exchange knowledge among participants and disseminate effective tools (policies, voluntary initiatives, synergies, innovative solutions). Among the themes of the parallel sessions are: public-private partnerships, quantification of food waste, policies and legislation, business Solutions & innovations, food waste prevention in households. In addition, we will carry out field visits to stakeholders and businesses in the Netherlands.

The conference is an initiative of the Food Waste Free United Foundation (a public-private partnership in the Netherlands to tackle food waste at national level) in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Food Quality, Wageningen University and local authorities. Supported by the European Commission and the Global Champions 12.3 coalition.

It brings together representatives of international organisations, the European Commission, governments and competent public authorities of EU Member States, businesses from the entire supply chain, civil society and consumer organisations, universities, pan-European representative bodies / sectoral associations, providers of innovative solutions, as well as leading organisations and bodies outside Europe.

In parallel with the International Conference, the 15th meeting of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste will take place, in which Boroume participates since its establishment in 2016.

The central issue is the current state of achievement of food waste reduction targets at EU level and the prospects in individual EU Member States (in the wake of yesterday's position adopted by the EU Council of Ministers on the Commission's legislative proposal setting legally binding targets).