Food Rescue project educational material

Mon 10 June 2024
Our beloved Food Rescue, an Erasmus+ education project linking food waste to the climate crisis, is nearing completion.

One of its most important results is the online platform of the project, which is addressed to primary school teachers.

Through it, you can download and utilize the training material we created together with our co-workers-partners of the project. Visit and register on the platform to discover tools, new methodologies and interesting educational material here: https://foodrescue-project.eu/login/

This material will contribute to the further qualitative upgrade - with elements of maker education and youth participation - of our educational program "Boroume at School".

It is worth noting that in 2023 more than 8.000 students of all educational levels participated in the Boroume at School program (a record number since the beginning of its implementation). We expanded the overall geographical coverage (103 schools in 59 Municipalities in Greece), while at the same time we improved the quality of its content by adapting it for every age level, from kindergarten to... the University.