Awaiting a legislative proposal from the European Commission on dates labeling

Sat 10 December 2022

At the recent plenary meeting of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste, in which Boroume participated as a member, the consumer survey conducted in 2022 in the member states of the European Union was presented, with the aim of investigating and testing alternative ways of marking the use-by date on food. 

In order to effectively deal with this specific cause of waste, a legislative proposal from the European Commission is expected in the coming months to revise the EU rules on date labeling on food. 

In fact, in a recent survey carried out by #DEAPT in collaboration with Boroume and with the funding of the Green Fund, among other findings, the confusion that prevails among consumers between the two marking dates was confirmed as one of the main causes of waste. 

For this reason Boroume is currently implementing a digital information campaign with the aim of providing detailed information to Greek households about the differences in the "use by" date and the "best before" date, in order to limit food waste. 

We sincerely thank the Green Fund for the valuable help and #DEAPT for the cooperation.