A few actions ... a lot of smiles

Tue 18 October 2022

On the occasion of the 16th of October, World Food Day, we carried out a very beautiful collaboration with the organization Pervolarides Thessaloniki, with the aim of spreading everywhere the value of rescuing and offering surplus food to people in need.

On Friday morning, a group of Boroume volunteers saved 153 kilos of surplus fruits and vegetables from a farmers' market in Thessaloniki to cook them afterwards, in collaboration with Pervolarides Thessaloniki. A total of 105 portions of stuffed and pasta with vegetables were offered on Saturday morning to homeless people in the city center.

The fruits and vegetables that were left over and which were generously offered to us by the sellers during the action of the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market", were distributed to families in Thessaloniki who are in need.

We sincerely thank our volunteers in Thessaloniki and Pervolarides for their cooperation, solidarity and willingness to offer to people facing food insecurity.

If you also want to become a Boroume volunteer and help our project in Thessaloniki, you can contact us at 210-3237805 or at [email protected]