Boroume in Amsterdam

Mon 18 July 2022

On July 4-5 we were in Amsterdam participating in the first live meeting with our other partners in the framework of the Erasmus + FOOD RESCUE project.

During the two-day meeting we had the opportunity - among other things - to present and analyze the results of the questionnaires that we have piloted in schools in Greece to investigate the level of teachers’ knowledge on the topic of food waste and environmental impact, as well as to inform about the lesson plans that we implement for Primary students within the framework of the "Boroume at School" program.

The goal of FOOD RESCUE is to design an innovative educational program through which teachers and students can be informed about the topic of food waste, climate education, sustainable and responsible consumption, etc. 

The next steps of the project contain the design of the FOOD RESCUE curriculum, which will include educational material on food waste and climate change, a teacher training program, youth participation tools, results evaluation tools. The FOOD RESCUE project which is being implemented in 5 European countries (Austria, France, Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands) will contribute to the strengthening of climate literacy, the adoption of new consumption patterns as well as the cultivation of 21st century skills.