In 2022, 6,129 Food Saving Heroes were "born" in 42 regions of Greece

Fri 30 December 2022
We say goodbye to 2022 with a happy report! 

More than 6,129 Food Saving Heroes were "born" in 42 regions of Greece in the past year as part of our “Boroume at School” program.

From Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese, Crete, Rhodes and even Cyprus, "Boroume at School" traveled to almost all of Greece and elsewhere with the message "Every Meal Matters" to be heard everywhere. 

Through the implementation of 244 presentations at all levels, we had the opportunity to discuss with students of all ages the topic of food waste, environmental protection, social contribution and solidarity.

We are especially happy because all Food Saving Heroes not only actively participated in the dialogue, but many were mobilized, through additional educational activities they implemented with their teachers, to reduce food waste following the Boroume Decalogue. 

This year we will remember: 

1.Our collaboration with the American Farm School Thessaloniki, which, as part of its Summer Camp, utilized Boroume educational material with the aim of reducing food waste
2. Our collaboration with Zois Primary School, whose students created a floor game and other activities around food waste
3. Gorgopotamos Primary School, whose students created their own greenhouse to consume fruit & vegetables and a composter to make their own compost
4. Our collaboration with the Loulis Museum & the Goulandris Museum of Natural History, which have included the "food waste" section in their educational programs with the support of Boroume. 

We are particularly happy because the above collaborations confirm that more and more teachers are becoming aware and mobilized, so that their students of all ages, are informed about an important social and environmental issue, such as food waste. 

A big thank you should be given to the 124 teachers for their perfect cooperation and an even bigger one to the students who are developing into the most dynamic ambassadors of Boroume.

Let’s meet in class in ... 2023!