Many thanks to Loulis Food Ingredients for their constant cooperation & support!

Fri 12 May 2023
We have the pleasure and honor to be cooperating steadily with Loulis Food Ingredients, as part of the company's environmental and social responsibility actions, with the aim of preventing food waste and at the same time providing nutritional support to socially vulnerable groups. 

Loulis Food Ingredients actively supports Boroume's message "Every meal matters", ensuring that surplus food - from all the company's activities - is offered to people in need.

Our collaboration started in 2015 with the Greek Baking School and the School's managers regularly communicate with Boroume, in order to offer surplus raw materials and finished products that had been prepared in the workshops during the seminars. 

The company also donates to charitable institutions its products (flour and bakery & pastry mixes) with a nearby consumption date, as well as finished products prepared for the visitors of Food Fairs, in which it participates. 

In total, the food that Loulis Food Ingredients has offered through Boroume to charitable institutions from the beginning of our cooperation until today amounts to a quantity corresponding to more than 185.000 portions. 

In addition, we have the distinct pleasure of collaborating with the Loulis Museum in the framework of an educational program, with the aim of students visiting the Museum being informed about the phenomenon of food waste and learning how they can properly manage their food through advice and smart ideas. 

Additionally, in the context of supporting "socially responsible initiatives", Loulis Food Ingredients allocated to Boroume the amount corresponding to the business gifts of Christmas 2022, empowering our organization - thanks to this financial support for its operation - to save and offer through of its programs more than 180.000 portions of food. 

Finally, we would like to thank the company again for sponsoring the printing of our information brochure, thus helping to spread our message "Every meal matters"!