Rescue & Food Offering Partnerships: Caritas Athens

Fri 02 December 2022

Caritas Athens is one of the first organizations that we welcomed into the "family" of the charitable organizations we support, through the "Saving & Offering Food" program.

We are particularly moved by the fact that we are continuing a very warm collaboration of ten years, with mutual appreciation, mutual respect and above all with a willingness to jointly support people in need.

In the following interview with Mrs. Helen Carabott, journalist, Member of the Board and Head of Communication, Public Relations, and Third Age Officer of the organization, you can read more about the saving and offering food collaboration with Caritas Athens. 

A few words about Caritas Athens
Caritas Athens is the recognized charitable organization of the Catholic Church founded in 1978 with the aim of fighting poverty and injustice, supporting every person in need, regardless of nationality, race, language, religion, age, and gender.

It belongs to the network of the national organization Caritas Hellas, which is a member of Caritas Europa and Caritas Internationalis, which is active in 165 countries in the world. Its work requires a wide range of activities, which are implemented by a network of 59 employees and 100 volunteers and the support of donors such as the international network of Caritas, the Italian Episcopal Conference (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana), the CRS (Catholic Relief Services), and the Caritas Italiana as well as partners such as the United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Ministry of Immigration & Asylum, charitable institutions and agencies.

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis in Greece, the Organization has expanded its activities based on organized solidarity, relief of basic needs and social integration processes of refugees. Until October 2022, it has served more than 1,000,000 people through various actions and programs concerning the distribution of meals, accommodation, and financial support for beneficiaries, psychosocial support, the provision of food and necessities, the facilitation of inclusion in the Greek society of children aged 5-16 and families seeking asylum etc. Other areas of action are the organization of blood drives, and the support for the elderly, people with health problems and prisoners.  

What reasons prompted you to work with "Boroume"? 
The common goals of both organizations. The purpose of "Boroume" is to limit food waste, combat malnutrition and offer surplus food, through charitable organizations, to people who are in need. The purpose of Caritas Athens is to support and offer to every person with the main concern of fighting poverty and supporting vulnerable groups of people, through the daily "meal of love", but also other actions. 

How did you find out about Boroume? 
In 2013 another organization we were working with introduced us to "Boroume". Communication and getting to know the two Organizations was immediate and from then on, an excellent collaboration began. 

Can you describe your collaboration with "Boroume" in two words? 
The long-term cooperation of Caritas Athens with the team of "Boroume", employees and volunteers, is always characterized by courtesy, professionalism, friendly disposition, trust, mutual respect, but above all passion for the successful fulfillment of the purpose of the central message "every meal matters". It is a great pleasure and honor to work with this organization! 

Complete the sentence: We can...
contribute to the rescue and supply of surplus food & to support people in need.