Rescue & Food Offering Partnerships: Hospice for Neuro-disability

Mon 05 September 2022

The 129-year-old Aniaton Asylum/ Hospice for Neuro-disability has treated more than 8,400 of our fellow disabled people from all over Greece. The foundation belongs to the big "family" of Boroume and we are very happy to be by their side almost from our very inception.

Below you can read more about our partnership.

We would like to thank Mrs. Ioanna Iliadis, President of the Hospice for Neuro-disability and the Foundation for the Care of the Chronically Ill, for the very nice interview.

A few words about the Aniaton Asylum - Hospice for Neuro-disability

The Aniaton Asylum is the first charity association in Greece, operating continuously since 1893 without any state subsidy. In 1972, the Foundation for the Care of Chronic Patients (IPCHP), based in Kypseli, was founded with the aim of treating and improving the quality of life of patients suffering from incurable diseases, paraplegia, quadriplegia, encephalopathies, multiple sclerosis and diseases of the central nervous system.

80% of our patients are bedridden, they come to us at a young age when their environment cannot take care of them and they remain in the Institution until the end of their lives. These are people whose lives have deprived them of the privilege of self-care - people disowned even by their families, either because they didn't accept them, or because they couldn't support them. It is remarkable that in the total of our 129 years of operation, we have cared for and treated for free, with affection, for their entire adult life about 8,400 of our fellow disabled people, from all over Greece.

It is a fact that this structure is a model for secondary social care in our country and offers patients 24-hour support. Today we care for and treat 140 patients and employ 110 people, such as doctors, physiatrists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, psychologists, who offer their services to patients with love and care.

What reasons prompted you to work with Boroume?

The work of "Boroume" is of incalculable value.  Boroume's team is everywhere, in every corner, wherever there is need, wherever there is pain and anguish. The philosophy of "everyr meal matters", the empathy, kindness, consistency and willingness of the people behind Boroume, the seriousness and responsibility that characterizes them, pushed us to want to work with them.

How did you hear about Boroume?

My personal friends, one of the founders of Boroume, spoke to us about the philosophy and vision of the organization and put us in touch. From the first moment there was what we call "chemistry". And now, for us, Boroume is its people and their warmth, who support us unceasingly.

Can you describe your collaboration with Boroume in two words?

Our cooperation with them is above all humane, unpretentious, beautiful, "easy", as should be the cooperation with all those bodies whose philanthropy is their guiding force.

Complete the sentence: We can...
 also change the world...together, when we start thinking collectively and not individually.