Boroume supports 3,771 families of the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Larissa

Fri 10 June 2022

We were very pleased to welcome to the House of Boroume Mr. Sotiris Voulgaris, Deputy Mayor of Social Policy of the Municipality of Larissa, Mrs Efthimia Zioga, Director of Social Policy & Welfare, Mr. Theodoros Gantzoudis, responsible for the Social Grocery and Mr. George Papadontas, a Social Grocery Structure supply controller.

The Municipality of Larissa is one of the first municipalities we worked with when we started in 2012 and since then we have had an excellent cooperation with them. Our common goal is to support people in need. Whether through the “Saving & Offering Food” program or under the program "We are Family" through which we convert money donations into supermarket vouchers exclusively for food purchase, we have managed to have supported a total of 3,771 families, i.e. 15,084 people.

The Social Grocery of the Municipality of Larissa began operating in July 2010 and since then there has been a gradual increase in the families supported. The structure provides free foods and other essentials such as clothing and footwear, entertainment items, personal hygiene, cleaning items, household items, school, infant and anything essentials that may be useful in a family. In order to join the structure, one must meet the necessary conditions, which are controlled by the Municipal Welfare Directorate.

In a statement on the long -standing cooperation of the Municipality of Larissa with the Boroume, Mr. Gantzoudis states: "Since 2012 there is excellent cooperation with the organization Boroume. We have built a relationship of trust with common purpose of both bodies being the best service of people facing food insecurity so that no family is left without the necessary goods on its family table.”

According to Alexander Theodoridis, Chief Food Saving Warrior of the organization, "our cooperation with the Municipality of Larissa has begun since the beginning of Boroume in 2012 and has always been excellent and mutually beneficial, always with the ultimate goal of all, supporting people in need in the city of Larissa. We thank the Municipality and especially the Social Service for all these years of our beautiful cooperation”.