At 68, the members of the Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste in Greece

Tue 01 November 2022

Food waste concerns us all! As a multi-layered and highly complex issue, it requires broad synergies between all parties involved.

For this reason, we created in 2020 and have been coordinating ever since, with the valuable support of AB Vassilopoulos, the Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste, which currently has 68 members from the entire spectrum of the supply chain - from the primary sector, the food industry, retail, catering and hospitality to the consumer. 

The Alliance, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, is a voluntary cooperation pact and makes it much easier for any business or organization subject to the obligations of Law 4819/2021 to gain access to sources of information about national and European legislation, as well as in good prevention practices or rescue & food supply actions. 

One should be reminded that Law 4819/2021 of the Ministry of Environment & Energy covers the recording of food waste from businesses in the food industry, meat markets/fish markets/vegetable markets, hotels with a certain number of beds, hospitals, catering businesses with a certain turnover, etc. , as well as the declaration of surpluses that are donated and prevent waste. 

If you want to know more about the Alliance and how you can participate in it, you can contact 210-3237805 or [email protected] or visit the page https://foodsavingalliancegreece.gr/