Food waste is high on the EU's environmental agenda

Thu 03 November 2022
At the focus of the last plenary session of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste, in which Boroume also participated as a member, was the recent announcement of the European Commission's data on levels of food waste in the EU.

As mentioned during the meeting, these data are an important tool in order to define - for the first time with a unified methodology - a reference value (baseline), based on which legally binding quantitative targets for reducing waste at E level will be established in the near future EU. 

The relevant legislative proposal of the European Commission is expected in 2023 in the context of the upcoming revision of the waste legislation (Waste Framework Directive) and is an important step in addressing food waste as a fuel for the climate crisis. 

It is no coincidence that food waste is beginning to occupy a high position in the environmental agenda of the European Union, given that applications and practices to prevent food loss and waste should gradually be included in the climate policies of each country.

Boroume has been implementing programs, actions and collaborations for ten years with the aim of preventing a phenomenon with negative consequences for the environment, society and the economy.

Since 2016 it is an active member of the EU Expert Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste.