Food Rescue program in schools?

Mon 30 May 2022

How can food waste help children develop different skills in the field of STEM, economics and society? Since participating in the European FOODRESCUE program in February, our primary goal has been to help more and more schools become learning "cells" for students aged 8-12 around topics such as global warming, climate change, environmental impact of food waste, new patterns of consumer behavior, social activism, etc. 

To achieve our goal, we have been giving questionnaires to students of selected schools in Greece with the aim of extending both their level of knowledge about the issue of wasting food and that of the teachers interested in integrating food rescue into their educational material.

By completing the questionnaires and based on the evaluation and analysis of the results, our next step will be the creation of educational tools and curriculum. This curriculum will encourage experiential and emotional learning on the subject of wasting food and climate change, while at the same time contributing to the development of 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence and social responsibility.

In addition, a training program will be created for teachers interested in implementing this innovative program to their school.

In the European FOODRESCUE program, implemented in the context of Erasmus+, also involved, in addition to Stimnuli for Social Change from Greece, are partners from Austria (Südwind), France (Eutopique), Cyprus (Center for Social Innovation-CSI) and the Netherlands (Designathon Works).