When cooperation is repeated for a good cause!

Mon 20 June 2022

It was in 2019 when efood had supported Boroume for the first time through the participation of its employees in volunteer actions in the context of "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market".

The experience of volunteering and the value of social offering again mobilized efood, two years after the pandemic, to re-assist the work of the organization.

This time we had the pleasure of welcoming employees of the company to familiar places, and in particular the farmers' market of Nea Ionia with the aim of rescuing and offering surplus agri-food products.

Within a month, 20 volunteers of efood managed to save almost 1 ton (!) of usable fruits and vegetables and offer more than 3,600 portions to a charitable organization that supports families in the area.

Thanks to their actions they have also helped to prevent 5,000 CO2 EQs from burdening the atmosphere!

A heartfelt thank you goes to the workers and the management team of efood for the wonderful cooperation and especially for the time and the willingness to support Boroume in its effort to reduce the waste of food and malnutrition in our country.