Marios Pentelikas: The Unseen Food Saving Hero of AMKE "Symvallein"

Wed 21 December 2022

Marios Pentelikas is one of the many Food Saving Heroes of the Pallini boarding school of AMKE "Symvallein". Every week he goes to the farmers' market of Pallini to pick up the surplus and fully usable agricultural products that our volunteers have saved, with the aim of offering them to the beneficiaries of the Boarding School.

Loyal allies of Boroume, the boarding school workers make sure that the products that could not be consumed during the week are preserved in the freezer, after processing, ensuring that no saved portion goes to waste. 

Below you can read about our collaboration and the experience of A.M.K.E "Symvallein" from the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" through the eyes of Marios Pendelicas.

Describe your collaboration with Boroume in a few words: 
For several years now, we have been working with the people of "Boroume", who are valuable helpers in our work, so that Boroume provides our people with quality living. From the people who represent Boroume we always feel that they want to support us.

How do you ensure that no portion of food goes to waste:
No portion of food goes to waste, because we use - in the best possible way - the products we receive. 
Every Thursday, we receive fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and eggs from the Pallini public market which, either consumed directly by our beneficiaries or after processing by our staff, are frozen at suitable temperatures, in order to cover needs that will arise in the future. 
Something very important for me that I wanted to share with you is that in all this effort, I could not have succeeded without the assistance of the rest of our employees and beneficiaries, who help promote the social awareness the whole process, as well as the people who work in the food market and genuinely offer us their surplus fruits and vegetables.