The Motivational Power of Boroume #20

Thu 21 April 2022


Our volunteers are the motivational power of our organization!

Nota Sklavounou is a member of our volunteering team from the first steps of Boroume. She is a person with innate kindness and an optimistic life approach. On the day of her retirement she opened the chapter of volunteering in her life.

From 2011 until today, she supports us in any way she can. Formerly from the House of Boroume where she actively participated in the program "Saving & Offering Food", until today she is a volunteer of the program "Boroume at School". 

According to Nota "no matter how many years will pass, I will always wonder how many people of the next door with food needs want to be offered to them with dignity and nothing else." 

A few words about you:
I have studied French literature and worked for 30 years at Beiersdorf Hellas. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in human and professional relationships. Also, I can say that I feel proud to be a volunteer for about 10 years in the team of Boroume and I help whenever and as much as I can!

Why did you decide to become a volunteer:
It's something I had pre-decided. Ever since I stopped working, the very next day I became a volunteer. After all, volunteering has been occupying my mind and heart since I was a small child. So when I heard about Boroume from the moment it was created and given that because the philosophy of food waste and in extension solidarity represented me a lot, I became a member of the team.

How easy / difficult is it to talk to someone about volunteering:
When I introduce myself as a volunteer I often hear an exclamation of admiration, a thumbs up and then many questions. That is, what kind of volunteering do I do, what is the process, what is the organization, what exactly does it do, if there is a response and result from the people. People generally show enthusiasm and admiration for volunteering. Many even ask me if at some point they could contact the team and the organization I participate in and they could also offer in their own way. Indeed, this has happened many times, both in and around my friendly environment. However, what I can say with confidence is that when we give clear explanations and information about what it means to be a volunteer, I see in others an enthusiasm and a tendency to think and reflect.

What reactions do you get:
In Greece in recent years after the economic crisis we went through, the fires in Mati, the special moments due to Covid and recently the ongoing war in Ukraine, I can say that a great trend and willingness has been developed by many of our fellow human beings to offer voluntarily in any field. There has generally been a mobilization by the media, non-profit organizations and the state, so that people can help as much as they can. So I believe that in our country volunteering has gained ground and is a pleasant message for today and tomorrow of our society! Due to my voluntary participation in "Boroume at School", I am now convinced that it is very important to inform and encourage children to volunteer from an early age in schools. Children react very positively and get so excited that they often affect adults as well! According to teachers, many children urge their parents to volunteer.

How easy it is not to throw away food: Because we often operate mechanically, the waste is unintentional. But when we hear an expert talking to us with numbers about food waste, if we read the quantities of food that end up in the trash, then we don’t believe it. It is estimated that each of us wastes about 180 kilos of food each year. But if we realize this and start thinking about our actions while shopping, when we consume and when we throw food in the trash, then we will have taken an important step in reducing waste.  So, we buy and consume what we need. We could keep this in mind and make it our way of life. Once again, it all starts with learning and education from both, family and schools community.

How would you describe the Boroume team in three words: I could say a lot about the team and the work of Boroume!!! In a few words, the philosophy of Boroume through what I live and learn in the team is:

  • It becomes my way of life not to waste!
  • I am learning to be in solidarity!
  • I can be in solidarity! 
Share with us an incident from your participation in Boroume that impressed you: I will tell you an incident that has been recorded in my mind, in my soul and in my heart.

During the great financial crisis in our country, one day when I was in the office, the phone rang and I heard a kind male voice asking me where he could find food for his family every day. He and his wife were unemployed and had to continue feeding his two minor children. I explained to him that he could contact his Municipality and the social services where he belongs, in order to be recorded in the food supply lists.

He thanked me and before closing the line he asks me in a broken voice… “Do you think that I can get food before my children go to school, because I do not want them to see that the food is on offer and not the food from their mom's pot.” I will never forget these words and they will always water my eyes whenever I think about how many of our fellow human beings, people right next door, need food and nothing else.