Nine years of saving & offering food through AB Vassilopoulos

Mon 19 December 2022

In the ten years of Boroume's operation, we have written many saving & offering food stories with the aim of limiting food waste and strengthening food support for people facing food insecurity in our country.

One of the most important stories, for which we feel proud and full of gratitude, is the one with the company AB Vassilopoulos. For nine years now, we have developed a socially innovative approach with the aim of saving and offering food in favor of charitable organizations in the retail sector in Greece.

Our collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos began as a pilot in the summer of 2013. Through the company's "Love Foods" program, food that was withdrawn from the shelf due to a close expiration date or "damaged packaging" was offered to charitable organizations neighboring the three then store carriers.

Since then, our collaboration has expanded to 300 AB Vassilopoulos stores throughout Greece, supporting a total of 204 social organizations. On a daily basis, local agencies receive the offered food, to make it available to their beneficiaries. The types of products offered, always complying with all prescribed food safety rules, include dry shelf goods, cooked meals, packaged fruits & vegetables, as well as packaged preservation and freezing items. From the beginning of our cooperation until today, we have saved and offered through AB Vassilopoulos, more than 41 million food items. This amount corresponds to 60.3 million kg of CO2, which was not released into the atmosphere, contributing significantly to addressing food waste as a profound environmental issue. As Boroume and on behalf of the thousands of beneficiaries throughout Greece, we want to publicly express 3,285 thanks, as many as the days of our association, to the entire team of AB Vassilopoulos for an extremely fruitful and effective collaboration of nine years. 

Kalliopi Hadjistavrou, Director Association of The Parents Association of Mentally Disabled

"We have been working with the AB-Varis store for the last 3 years. Their offer of "Love Foods" is beneficial for EGNYA, as it covers a significant part of our food supply, while on the weekends when our beneficiaries are few, their food supply is done exclusively from there. Our cooperation is perfect with all the staff and especially with the manager of the store, Mrs. Olga Tsipis. Thank you very much and we hope that our cooperation will continue! "

Konstantina Sinani, Hellenic Center for the Promotion of Social & Mental Health –  Poreia A.M.K.E

"The Hellenic Center for the Promotion of Social and Mental Health - Poreia NGO, and its beneficiaries, warmly thank AB Vassilopoulos for continuing and strengthening our work so significantly for so many years by offering various products such as dairy products, pasta, bakery items, etc."