Online awareness campaign about food waste

Wed 25 January 2023

Over the past months, we implemented a broad online awareness campaign with the aim of informing our citizens about food waste.

The campaign was based on the findings of the research carried out by DEAPT in collaboration with Boroume and with the financing of the Green Fund.

The correct reading of food labeling, information about the environmental impact of food waste and the considerable contribution of the phenomenon to climate change, the financial burden on households on an annual basis, as well as the highlighting of practical instructions that we can adopt in our daily lives with the aim of reducing food waste, formed the main body of the information campaign.

The awareness campaign attracted the interest of many internet users and consumers. Thus, we are particularly happy, because it is a big step in our effort to inform the households of Greece about an issue that concerns us and distresses us. 

At Boroume, we continue systematically through continuous information actions and through rescue & prevention programs, to mobilize more and more involved parties in the food chain, to effectively deal with food waste. 

Let's not forget that by reducing food waste, we support society, protect our planet, and save euro.