"Boroume at the Farmers’ Market” and the American College of Greece: a long-standing collaboration

Mon 23 October 2023

In November 2018, Boroume started collaborating with the American College of Greece (ACG) in the "Boroume at the Farmers' Market" program. Since then, hundreds of ACG students have participated in the program's actions, having saved and donated to charities thousands of kilos of leftover produce. With the support of the farmers' markets sellers and the coordination of Boroume, the volunteers of the American College of Greece are setting an example by participating in a work of tremendous social and environmental impact. 

Ms. Rania Assariotakis, ACG Director, Office of Sustainability says:

"By staying loyal to our school's motto 'To serve, not to be served' we actively support the 'Boroume at the Farmers' Market' program. ACG has 'adopted' the actions of the program at 3 farmers' markets, while our volunteers have saved until today more than 14 tonnes of produce from garbage, they have donated more than 60.000 portions of food to our fellow humans that need it and at the same time, they have prevented 28.000 kilos of CO2 to be emitted in the atmosphere. With our participation, we manifest the essence of our school and we prove that we can make changes in our world, one day and one portion of food at a time. A huge "thank you" to the community of the American College of Greece, which proves that #ACGCares".

Ms. Nina Chimara, a volunteer of the American College of Greece says:

"I would never imagine that I would be visiting the farmers' market on a weekly basis, especially without my grandmother. But when I first visited the farmers' market in the Holargos area for the first time in 2022, I had a great time with the team of volunteers from ACG and Boroume. By witnessing the goodwill of the sellers and the appreciation of the charity that received the food, I realized the importance of putting the surplus food to good use. In 2023 one of my priorities is to support actions against food waste systematically and I feel that I too contribute to this campaign one cart at a time, one action at a farmers' market every week".

 Such collaborations, with the food saving warriors of ACG, make everyone at Boroume feel powerful to continue our work with a greater positive attitude. We thank them warmly and we wish to share with them many more years of positive and rewarding collaboration.