From the French University of Science Po Lille to Boroume

Mon 18 July 2022

For the past six months, Eugenie Daviet, a student at the University of Science Po Lille, has been part of the Boroume team. 

Eugenie, as part of her studies in France, came for a semester to Greece in order to participate in activities related to humanitarian and environmental work in our country.

With the aim of saving food and supporting charitable organizations, she participates, among other things, as our volunteer in the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market". From the first moment we met, Eugenie impressed us with her kind presence, enthusiasm, professionalism and incredible willingness to contribute in any way she can to our efforts to reduce food waste and support humans in need. 

Thanks to the well-developed communication and organizational skills that she demonstrated from the beginning, as well as the social and environmental sensitivity that distinguishes her, Eugenie quickly managed to develop into a coordinator of the program's volunteer groups in the farmers’ markets of Athens, taking on, among other things, the guidance of the volunteer groups, the procedures for receiving the surplus fruits and vegetables from the non-profit organizations etc. 

Coming to the end of our collaboration, Eugenie has managed to win a well-deserved place in the hearts of not only the members of the Boroume team, but also the farmers’ markets vendors, volunteers and charitable organizations that she has supported with all her might throughout this space. 

A big thank you to Eugenie for her invaluable help! We hope to have the pleasure of meeting again in the future!