Annual Report 2017: Programs, activities & results

Wed 28 March 2018

In 2017 we continued to move dynamically towards achieving our goals and according to our main pillars of action: a) saving and offering food at every level of the food chain and b) raising awareness about the issue of food waste.

In total we saved and offered 7.5 million portions of food thereby actively supporting the work of hundreds of charitable institutions throughout Greece. Respecting our organization’s principle to achieve the biggest result for the financial support we receive from our sponsors and despite increasing the social impact of our actions, we were able to achieve a ratio of 38 portions for every 1 euro of operational cost.  

Regarding the second pillar of our actions, we strived again to spread as much as possible our message “Stop Food Waste” by holding awareness raising events, producing new informational videos, making dozens of presentations on the subject, appearing in the media and social networks and most importantly trying to inspire thousands of children.

2017 was also a year of recognition and awards for our actions and their social impact with the most significant distinction being the 2017 European Citizen Award from the European Parliament.

The most important award for us though is the trust that hundreds of citizens and companies showed us by offering food, the hundreds of charitable organizations that have worked with us to receive this food, the donors of Boroume, and most of all, the dozens of volunteers that have honored us by choosing our organization to offer generously their time and skills in order to support our actions.

Annual Report 2017