200 kilos of oranges "saved" and donated from a home garden in Kokkoni, Corinth

Wed 21 March 2018

Every winter, around this time, Mrs. Zina Angelopoulos invites us to her home garden in Kokkoni, Corinth to gather oranges that would otherwise be wasted and to offer them to a local charity. So again, with great joy, we set off with a group of volunteers from Boroume and went to the home garden of Mrs. Angelopoulos and within a few hours we had gathered 200 kilos of oranges while simultaneously having a lovely time.

We would like to thank Mrs Angelopoulos for her continued support to Boroume and to point out how easy it is for anyone who has fruit or vegetable production, which s/he has unfortunately been unable to sell or wants to donate for a good purpose, to do so with the help of the program "Boroume Gleaning".