Boroume Gleaning



Reducing food waste at the agricultural level by volunteers who glean (pick) crops that would otherwise be wasted, and offering them directly to local charities


  • Offer locally nutritious food to people in need who do not have regular access to it
  • Reduce the negative impact of food waste to the environment
  • Highlight the causes of agricultural food waste, and advocate for its reduction
  • Provide an opportunity to volunteers to re-connect with nature and enjoy giving
  • Strengthen the ties between producers and the local population


  • Express your interest by completing the form below
  • We process your information and coordinate the gleaning team
  • We select the local charity which will receive your donation
  • We schedule the gleaning and the collection of the gleaned produce by the chosen charity

You can help!

To express your interest in the above program please call us at 2103237805 or email us at [email protected] so we can figure out how you can help us in a way that corresponds to your own wishes.