We thank METRO / My market for their cooperation and support!

Wed 16 December 2020

Since January 2019 we have started our cooperation with METRO / My market in the framework of the company's actions to prevent and reduce food waste. Their trust in us honors us greatly.

In order to save & offer food, which is completely safe for consumption, but will not be used commercially for other reasons (e.g. proximity to the date of consumption, slightly damaged packaging, etc.), the company regularly informs Boroume of the items and quantities to be donated.

In our turn, we make sure that the products offered by the company are received by charitable organizations to support people who belong to socially vulnerable groups.

From 2019 until today, the food that has been saved corresponds to approximately 478.000 portions of food, and has been offered - through Boroume - to 27 charitable institutions and their beneficiaries in Attica and Thessaloniki.

We thank METRO / My market and the people of the company for the excellent cooperation, their important contribution to the reduction of food waste and their essential support!