We saved & offered half a ton of mandarins!

Wed 24 January 2018

More than 500 kg mandarins were in danger of being lost. Why? Simply because the mandarins were either considered small or were stalkless, as those responsible at a packing station in Corinth informed us, approaching Boroume to rescue and offer the fresh fruit.

The nutritious mandarins were not only saved, but we arranged for local charitable organisations to receive them as food support for the people they help.

Aesthetic criteria or other kind of marketing standards for fruit and vegetables are one of the causes of wastage of agricultural production, while an estimated 1/3 of agricultural production remains unharvested in the field.

Do you want to save agricultural production, which you unfortunately are unable to fully exploit yourselves, and to offer highly nutritional food to people in need? Just contact us.

If your farm production is still in the field, then the harvesting can be dealt with by the volunteers of our “Boroume Gleaning programme. The products gathered will be offered immediately to charitable organisations in your area.