We celebrated International Volunteer Day with a cooking activity at Yoleni's

Wed 24 January 2018

Every day the team of Boroume saves & offers thousands of portions of food throughout Greece, supporting with food several dozens of charities and more beneficiaries. This we accomplish by networking food from various donors with the most appropriate charitable entities – recipient organisations, who usually pick up the donation from the point specified by the donor.

But every now and then we as a team like to cook tasty dishes ourselves, which we prepare with love and enthusiasm for chosen charitable organisations. This year, we had the opportunity to cook in the beautiful space of Yoleni's in the centre of Athens, which the company kindly gave us access to. As if that weren't enough, we also had their own chef George Panagiotis to guide us with patience and a permanent smile to create a delicious pastitsio.

Celebrating International Volunteer Day in this way, we boiled pasta, prepared the mince according to the chef's instructions and when we prepared the béchamel sauce, we offered more than 350 portions of pastitsio to “Katafigio Agapis” and to St. Nicholas Philopappou.           

Many thanks to Yoleni's, and especially to the chef George Panagiotis, for their generous support in this activity!