Top Chef: a special donor of Boroume

Mon 15 November 2021
When most of our friends think of whom Boroume’s donors are, they imagine food companies, supermarkets, catering companies, bakeries, etc. This of course is true since the largest volume of our food donations come from such donors. But there are also cases that are more rare and special.

One such case of a special donor is the cooking show Top Chef, which recently completed its show cycle. From the first moment, the producers of the show showed their sensitivity about not wasting any food that was left over from the shooting and could still be utilized.  When they also learned that through Boroume it would be very easy for them to offer what is left over whenever needed, and in particular to people in need, they were even happier!

Indeed, in the last two months, the production of Top Chef informed Boroume whenever there was food to donate. In this way, a total of 10 charities, which support different socially vulnerable groups, received 28.365 servings of food!  It is worth noting that these foods have always been of excellent quality and often included meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

So we want to express a heartfelt thank you to Top Chef for their sensitivity and generosity!