Tomato planting in Field of Boroume has been completed

Fri 14 July 2017

Another successful team effort brought about the planting of tomatoes in early June in the Field of Boroume. In two evenings, two groups of volunteers, one from the ‘ranks’ of the boarding institution EPAPSY and Boroume and the other from the Mercedes company and Boroume did their best to plant early plants (seedlings) that Boroume were given by the company Kileler Plants. This sponsorship particularly delighted us all as we were given the opportunity, besides portions of food or fruits and vegetables, to "save" excess plants. The tomatoes planted were left unharvested at Kileler Plants from other customer orders, and the company, rather than destroy them, offered them to Boroume’s Farm. So, this planting gave us another reason by joyful.

An important role in the success of our new venture was the contribution of the “Agriculture and Care” shop and especially by its owner, Mr Lambros Mizithras. Mr. Mizithras immediately responded to our need for the product that was needed to revive the young tomato plants, after their long journey from Larissa. He offered a suitable material that ensured the health of the plants, by prior agreement with the agronomist of Boroume, Elias Kantaros.

Of great importance was the help and donation of Mr. George Eliopoulos of “Arotro” shop and that of Leroy Merlin. Mr. Eliopoulos provided for the Field of Boroume all the basic fertilization for the tomatoes while the Leroy Merlin, ensured that the work of our volunteers would become much easier and more enjoyable, by providing the necessary tools.

All friends of Boroume, the volunteers as well as companies, contributed to another successful venture in the best of moods and we thank them warmly for this. However, activities in the Field of Boroume do not stop here. In a few days, the planting will continue with other kinds of vegetables with the participation of more friends and volunteers of Boroume.