The Motivational Power of Boroume # 8

Mon 15 February 2021

The driving force of Boroume are its volunteers. People who do not live within the confines of their immediate environment. People who choose to step out of their comfort zone and motivate others to mobilize, to offer, to participate in actions.

Alexandros Kourtis studies Computer Science and states that he is "glued" to Technology from a young age. In his free time he reads books that interest him and is involved in volunteering.

Last summer he found himself with a lot of free time, so he decided to volunteer to break the monotony. He discovered that there are many things he could do as a volunteer to spend his time creatively. Engaged in the actions of Boroume, he thought of motivating others to participate, believing that they can only win. He believes that the necessary resources to take positive action exist, we just have to manage them properly and that a very important factor is the teamwork of volunteers, so he motivates his acquaintances to participate in actions of Boroume. Talking to others about volunteering is considered very easy, since everyone likes to help others, and that volunteering, as a part of our lives, only provokes positive reactions. All that remains, when one decides, is to find where, how and what.

He is not sure if it is easy not to throw away food. He believes that an alternative, such as working with Boroume, to provide leftover food where needed, is a very easy and realistic way to avoid wastage. Other practices, such as composting, a better understanding about consumption dates can be easy to incorporate into your daily routine to avoid wasting food.

For Alexandros, Boroume's team is social, aware and cheerful. Since his participation in the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" he has been impressed by the great generosity of the sellers of the farmers’ markets. When at the end of the working day of the respective farmers’ market the sellers are left with surplus food on their counters, even in large quantities, many, instead of picking them up just so that they do not dispose of them in the following days and which will eventually spoil, choose to offer them through the volunteers of Boroume entirely to charities and people in need.