The Motivational Power of Boroume # 17

Fri 28 January 2022

Aphrodite Kormanou has recently joined the volunteer team of Boroume in Thessaloniki. Through her participation in our "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" program, she has also contributed to the saving and offering of usable surplus fruits and vegetables to charitable organizations.

A few words about you:My name is Aphrodite and I live in Thessaloniki. I'm quite dynamic as a character and I have always loved helping people in need. That's why I do a lot of volunteering.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer:I decided to become a volunteer of Boroume mainly because I liked the idea, but also because I want to contribute to all this effort made all these years to reduce food waste.

How easy / difficult is it to talk to someone about volunteering:
It is quite easy I would say, especially when others see volunteering in practice, through the "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" program. It is no coincidence that whenever they meet us in the farmers’ market, they ask us questions about the program, the way we utilize the surplus food and vegetables and how they can participate in this action. In general, many people want to be part of this effort when they see our work.

How would you describe the Boroume team in three words: Volunteers, willingness, help.

Share with us an incident from your participation in Boroume that impressed you: Enthusiasm is a dominant emotion when I participate in the volunteering program. Every time we manage to gather large quantities of surplus fruits and vegetables from producers and sellers, which unfortunately could not be sold and which we know will be consumed by people in need. This is enough to make me feel joy and enthusiasm.