The Motivational Power of Boroume # 11

Mon 10 May 2021

The driving force of Boroume lies in its volunteers. Active people, who try to find ways to bring about positive changes in our society.

Eleni is 22 years old, a student in Thessaloniki. From a young age she has loved volunteering and in addition to her academic and work obligations she always arranges to volunteer in actions that inspire her.

She believes that volunteering is a way of giving back to society and supporting positive change, especially in terms of food waste. This issue has been on her mind for years now and she wants to do more than just support individually in her daily life to help eliminate the phenomenon.

 She finds it difficult to talk to others about volunteering. She is worried that her interlocutor will misinterpret what she says, that she may eventually turn against volunteering in general. That is why she is still hesitant and chooses those who inform about volunteering, but she aspires to change that. So far, however, those to whom she chooses to speak for the most part are happy with the good that Boroume does and are "tempted" to get involved themselves. Apart from a few who ideologically perceive volunteering differently, most congratulate her for deciding to address the issue of food waste.

 She believes that at the individual or household level, not throwing away food is the easiest thing. First of all, planning one's shopping or food supply efficiently for one's household is financially rewarding. She believes that making sure we get only what we can consume is the simplest thing. But as long as there is a surplus of food, finding a way to offer it somewhere where good will come of it is also very easy.

She could describe Boroume's team with the words "vision", "hope", "selflessness" while she finds all of Boroume's actions in farmers’ markets in Thessaloniki, which she has participated on Saturdays, impressive. But there are 2 outstanding cases of sellers who at the end of the day offered to the volunteers of Boroume what was left on their stalls. And this offer may seem small to someone, but after what the seller may have sold during the day, it is important that in the end he chooses to offer what is left to the basket of Boroume volunteers. Eleni is very moved by this generosity because it shows love and understanding.