"The Driving Force of Boroume" #7

Fri 18 December 2020
One of our most dear and esteemed volunteers, Ms. Leah Maounis, is telling us about her experience supporting Boroume and its goals.

A few words about you

After a 30-year career in teaching literature/humanities, I entered the world of shipping.  As a shipping administrator, I was asked to head a new NGO for the company with the aim of helping people in the crisis.  As such had the privilege to meet the three founders of Boroume from the outset, three well educated and attractive young people.  I was amazed by their groundbreaking networking ideas, their NGO focus and their humility and love for the programme! As a company, we also offered our translating capabilities to help Boroume’s website, as well as our financial support.  I am happy to say that six years later I am still with you!

Why did you decide to volunteer?

From the beginning, I admired Boroume’s lean is mean organization.  A few key, very focused administrators, an excellent NGO programme (also given awards regularly by European Bodies), ethical personnel and many dedicated volunteers. Also, volunteer tasks are examined according to the volunteer’s qualities – for example, being bi-lingual, I enjoy translations, so it is a pleasure to translate for Boroume and simultaneously read all the news.  Being born and educated in London, England, the concept of social volunteering is taught in school where pupils are encouraged to help the needy in their daily lives.

How easy is it not to throw away food?

Very easy if you follow Boroume’s suggested recipes (sent in by volunteers) and if you know where you can donate fresh or cooked food that is left over (this is also organized by Boroume if it is an event or daily produce  which includes food).

How would you describe, in three words, Boroume's team?

A family - warm, organized, ethical

Share with us a story from your contact with Boroume

The sweetest story is the herb garden that Alexander showed me on the first visit to the first House of Boroume.  On a balcony in central Athens overlooking the narrow street of ironmongery, sat a field of herbs, their scent sweetening the atmosphere.  In the same way, Boroume sweetens every action that it undertakes with its care and love.

Translating for you makes me smile.  Over the years, I have met an array of world-class organizers - dedicated individuals who tenderly offer their talented services, produce, products and support time and time again to strengthen your programme.  What a privilege and joy it is cooperating with the Boroume family and network.  Intelligent, focused, efficient and caring, everyone at Boroume and all who support her add their personal drop to helping our country in crisis.  Even the school children following Boroume’s seminars, surprise us with their creativity in helping to save food to help others.