The Driving Force of Boroume # 5

Tue 07 July 2020

The driving force of Boroume is its volunteers. Busy people, full of personal or professional obligations, but with one obvious common characteristic: the huge smile for everything they do, the appetite and love that they put as a key component of their every action.


Anthi is now a grandmother, retired, with two granddaughters. She grew up in a family with a lot of love, but mainly with a grandmother with a huge background in volunteering. Then she stared work in a large Greek company. She considers herself very lucky to have worked there for 30 whole years, shaping a career full of beautiful memories.

Volunteering has been in her consciousness since her childhood and so she recognized from a very early age the need to offer. Dealing with human pain and offering to her fellow human beings who have much less than most of us can enjoy, led her first to KAAP Voulas (former PIKPA) and then to Boroume.

She believes that not throwing away food is not a difficult task. All we need is to clearly work out our meal plans on a daily basis, creatively manage the leftover food of the previous day making it into a new food recipe for the following day, and pay great attention to the expiration dates of the products we consume.

She briefly describes Boroume and its team with the words Effort-Cooperation-Unity. From her participation in the work of Boroume, she is particularly pleased with the absolute cooperation of the whole team in the social cooking activities that we organize. But for her, the most important thing is the response of each donor of leftover food and the happy tone of his voice when the donor calls her to offer food.