The challenges of food waste and food rescue opportunities. Watch the videos!

Fri 14 July 2017

With joy, we share with you two of the videos that we have created regarding the issue of food waste within the framework of the European project "SavingFood", in which Boroume has participated jointly with partners from four countries (Belgium, Greece, United Kingdom, Hungary).

Specifically, “SavingFood” aims to promote a socially and environmentally responsible solution to the issue of food waste by developing networked community donors, charitable organisations and volunteers and creating an electronic platform for the facilitation of food excess redistribution for the benefit of socially vulnerable groups.

In addition, special emphasis is placed on informing and sensitizing the general public, and on changing the attitudes and behaviour of citizens towards the phenomenon of food waste. To this end, we created these targeted informative videos and we invite you to discover them! In particular, in the video "Challenges of Food Waste”, the social, environmental and economic ramifications and impact of food waste are presented.

At the same time, there is the special educational video that you can watch with your kids or your students. Apart from the presentation of data on the awareness and the sensitization of children, there are additional proposed practices for avoiding food waste at home, which the whole family can easily follow!

Forward the video, and stay tuned for the launch of operation of the electronic platform of SavingFood!

The videos are available in English.