Ten years of cooperation with Fresh patisserie

Tue 08 February 2022

Each portion we save and offer all these years to charitable organizations is valuable. And each portion acquires even greater value when it comes to foods to which many people facing food insecurity have little or no access.

We are happy and proud for working every day, over the last ten years, with the Fresh patisserie in Attica, one of the first food donors of Boroume. Since 2012, we have offered through the "Saving and Offering Food" program a total of 347,278 servings of high quality sweets to people in need.

We would like to thank the Fresh patisseries from the bottom of our heart. Not only for the many years of cooperation and support in Boroume’s work, as well as for the sensitivity and generous offer of care and love to people to whom the dessert isn’t at all self-evident.

It is important to note that since 2012 we started all this effort to fight food waste, to support people facing food insecurity and to reduce the environmental impact, we are more than happy for having by our side, daily and systematically, companies that share the same interest in society and the environment in which we live and grow up.