Sweet stories of "Save and Offering Food"

Thu 24 August 2017

Through Boroume’s program "Save and Offering Food", beyond basic food items, special food is also donated, which people who are in need do not have easy access to, like treats from celebrations, desserts from bakeries and other delicacies.

One such case are the sweet offerings of the pastry shops Fresh that give special joy to our fellow human beings, who are in need.

The stories that the responsible public entities – recipients of daily donations share with us, fill us with joy and emotion! For example, a girl who, when burning the midnight oil studying for the Panhellenic examinations, had chocolate sweets as company. A lady, who ate less food in the elderly care unit, as she was waiting impatiently for the sweet. A mother, receiving social food rations, said that her son who hadn’t eaten anything sweet for many months had such a longing to eat dessert that he ate the whole bowl of sweets designated for the family.

Many thanks to the Fresh pastry shops that are firmly by Boroume’s side to reduce food waste and increase food assistance for socially vulnerable groups in Greece.