Spitogatos at the Farmers’ Market in Panormou

Fri 29 April 2022

What connection could be between the reduction of food waste and property management? At first thought, none at all! But when behind these companies there are people who share the value of social contribution and volunteerism, then they have a lot in common.

Last month we were happy to welcome employees of the Spitogatos company to our team of volunteers in the “Boroume at the Farmers’ Market” program.

Every Saturday, a different team of employees become volunteers for an hour and, wearing the Boroume vest, they collect leftover fruits and vegetables from the stalls of the Farmers’ Market in Panormou for a good cause.

To date, they have volunteered at the farmers’ market three times and will continue to support our program until the end of June.

Up to now, thanks to the contribution of the Food Saving Warriors of the company and the generosity of the vendors at the Farmers’ Market of Panormou, we have saved over 1,300 kilos of useable fruits and vegetables, which have been donated to the Asylon Aniaton.

People with positive energy and a desire to support our work and our fellow humans in need have proved to be worthy ambassadors of our organization.

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their initiative, their contribution and the free time they have given in order to offer the self-evident: to help people experiencing food insecurity.