"SPITOGATOI" in the Food Market

Fri 23 June 2023
A very special group of volunteers has honored the "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" program with their participation in the work of Boroume.
Special, due to the positive energy of its volunteers, the continuity in participating in our actions, their effectiveness in rescuing many thousands of kilos of food from the Panormou farmers' market. 

From March 2022 until the end of May 2023, the amazing group of volunteers of the Spitogatos company insists on saving and offering surplus food from the Panormou market every Saturday.

With a total of 31 actions to its credit and 12.8 tons of food with which it contributed to the support of the Hospice for Neuro-disability and the Reception and Solidarity Center of the City of Athens, this group has won the appreciation of those who have seen it in action, such as sellers and other volunteers. 

The positive energy and willingness to offer of Spitogatos volunteers is evident from their own impressions, as reflected in their participation in Boroume's project: 

• A unique opportunity to offer and also appreciate things that most of us took for granted! An action that makes you a better person! We are grateful! Popi Kapetanopoulou, Customer Care Manager – Spitogatos
 • "Boroume" gives us the opportunity to experience a wonderful and insurmountable feeling, that of giving! Offer to people who really need support, and yes you are there for them!!  Vana Karatsikou, Operations Manager, Spitogatos 

We at Boroume feel great joy when we meet such volunteers, let alone when they participate so actively in our work. We hope to feel this joy for a long time to come, with Spitogatos volunteers as supporters in our work.