Scouts of Greece cook and offer!

Mon 01 April 2019

Since 2015 we have had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with Soma Hellinon Proskopon – Scouts of Greece who are always on our side actively supporting our message "Every meal matters."

Not long ago contact was made by the Scouts Group of Thiva, the 2nd Scouts Group of Kifissia, the 8th Scouts Group of Athens and the 17th Scouts Group of Athens, as they wanted to organize social cooking actions with the young members of their groups in order to offer food to people in need.

Then we immediately sought out which charitable institutions would benefit from the portions that the young members would prepare and we coordinated the collection of 500 portions of freshly cooked food by 4 charitable institutions in Attica.

The 2nd Scouts Group of Kifissia shared a few words with us about their experience: "Through this action the children realised that everyone despite their age can very easily do a lot to help their neighbor in need. That with little effort a big difference is achieved and that it is not for charity but for real solidarity.  So we achieved two important goals: to teach the children the value of "giving" and of helping some people in need."

We thank them warmly for their beautiful initiative and their support!