Over 36 tons of fruit & vegetables were saved through "Boroume at the Farmer’s Market"

Thu 24 August 2017

More than 36 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables "were saved" from January to June 2017 from the 10 markets participating in the program "Boroume at the Farmer’s Market". The products were offered to local charitable organizations supporting hundreds of our fellow human beings who are in need in this way. The fresh food was collected thanks to the unselfish and continuous supply of producers and professionals of the markets, as well as the passionate participation of Boroume’s volunteers.

With everyone’s contribution and positive response, the charitable organizations with whom we cooperate were able to meet the food needs of people who they cater for with food of high nutritional value.

Important links in the chain of partners in the program 'Boroume at the Farmer’s Market" are producers and professionals of the marketplaces with their touching offers, as well as volunteers-individuals, employees of companies, public bodies-recipient members - who participate in activities with in their generous contribution to their fellowmen.

Another important contribution to these activities is the concession of trolleys from local supermarkets, as they facilitate the task of collecting the fruit and vegetables by our volunteers.

Many thanks to all the links in the chain of rescue and supply in the activities of "Boroume at the Farmer’s Market" for the essential work they carry out.