Food Saving Heroes

Thu 30 March 2023
If we can read the truth hidden inside a work of art created by children, then we have hope to change the world! 

This is what we here at Boroume believe and for this reason last year we collected works from students who were inspired by "Boroume at School". 

Next stop, the creation of an art exhibition with the message "No Food Portion Wasted", where we will highlight the wonderful works of students from all over Greece. 

From the projects we received, we distinguished the following in the individual categories: 

Sculpture: Moraitis School Kindergarten
Painting: 1st High School of Serres
Video art: Tavronitis Sustainable Kindergarten (Chania) "The heroes of the food portion" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXnuuy2WtIw

Thank you to all the students and teachers for the beautiful collaboration!