Lee Verios, the initiator of the volunteer program from Australia for Boroume at the Farmer’s Market

Thu 24 August 2017

For some months now we are fortunate enough to receive, in collaboration with The Hellenic Australia Initiative, outstanding and wonderful volunteers from Australia, who, while on vacation, wish to support the activities of Boroume.

Over the last 2 days we were honored to have with us Lee Verios, one of the directors of Hellenic Australia Initiative and the initiator of this Boroume support program with volunteers from Australia.

Lee and his wife Joanne joined groups of Boroume at the markets of New Psychico and Halandri, which rescued and offered almost half a ton of food donated to local charitable institutions which we support.

And because amazingly enough they still had energy, they came to help us yesterday afternoon in the planting of a few hundred peppers and cabbage in Boroume’s vegetable garden.

Lee and Joanne, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we really admire you for your tremendous energy and desire to help others.