Launching a research & information program with the University of Patras

Wed 27 October 2021

Realizing that, compared to several other European countries, we do not have sufficient and qualitative data on the issue of food waste, it was our ardent desire for many years to find a way to conduct research in Greece.

For this reason, we are particularly pleased that the proposal, which we submitted to the Green Fund some time ago, in the framework of the program "Natural Environment & Innovative Actions 2020", for conducting research on food waste by our friends in the Laboratory of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises of ​​the University of Patras, was accepted.

The research concerns the investigation of food waste at the most important quantitative stage, i.e. that of households, and began to be implemented a few days ago by sending a questionnaire to several hundred households.

The second part of the program concerns the use of research findings in Boroume information campaigns, both digitally and physically. The findings will be part of Boroume’s existing programs, such as "Boroume at School", the awareness raising program and the "Alliance to Reduce Food Waste". In addition, public events will be organized as well as online information campaigns, always with the aim of informing and raising public awareness on the issue of food waste.

We thank the Green Fund from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity it gives us to implement together with our associates at the University of Patras such an important program for the reduction of food waste in Greece.