The company MYTILINEOS supports "Boroume at School"

Thu 25 May 2023
One of Boroume's most important activities is our educational program "Boroume at School", where we have the honor and pleasure of talking to students of all grade levels about the importance of reducing food waste.

Because, quite simply, when you learn from a child how important it is not to waste food, the possibility that you will be more sensitive about this issue in the future is much greater. And the more children learn from a young age not to waste food, the greater the possibility that in the future the entire society will no longer accept food waste, which is precisely Boroume's vision. 

For this reason, we want to thank the MYTILINEOS Company from the bottom of our hearts, which decided to cover the full cost of the Boroume at School program, thus giving us the opportunity to implement our much-loved educational program!