Greek America Foundation Volunteers in the "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" Program

Thu 15 July 2021

We had the great pleasure for about 2 months to have with us 20 volunteers of the Greek America Foundation in the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market". These young people joined our team, participated with us in actions of the program every week and, giving their best, helped to save and offer hundreds of kilos of surplus fruits and vegetables to charities.

Always in the best of moods and with endless positive energy, the Greek America Foundation volunteers gave a different positive note to the actions they participated in, receiving smiles and good comments from the other participating volunteers, as well as from the sellers of the farmers’ markets.

The volunteers of the Greek America Foundation themselves give their impressions from their participation in the first action of the program "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market" as follows:

  • "The other volunteers were very friendly and happy to be with them, as well as the salespeople who were very positive even though we were new to the action" (Zoe)
  • “I was very impressed by how organized and efficiently Boroume work to quickly collect surplus products from sellers. It is clear that they have worked very hard to create such an organized work system in a city as big as Athens" (Darden)
  • “My first participation in an action of Boroume went very well. I liked how friendly the other volunteers were, as well as the vendors at the farmers’ markets" (Markella)

They also share, as volunteers, the importance for them of participating in a program such as "Boroume in the Farmers’ Market":

  • "Knowing that spending a few hours of my day collecting food that would otherwise be wasted makes me feel like I have contributed to something important and that I have made a difference in a person's life" (Zoe)
  • “I am very happy to have participated in an initiative that I know has certainly helped so many people in need. I feel really happy to help reduce food waste, something I try to do in my personal life as well” (Darden)
  • "I did not realize how happy I would be to contribute to the work of such a special organization" (Markella)

Our fellow volunteers of the Greek America Foundation made a big difference in the effectiveness of our work during the time they participated with us in the actions of "Boroume at the Farmers’ Market". We hope to have the pleasure of meeting them again, as well as to continue our cooperation with the Greek America Foundation in the future.